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A Note Reprinted from the Previous Teachers’ Seminar
from our Founding Director Mignon Furman
I believe that teaching is a practical art that needs a practical approach — whether to a new class of five-year olds, or to teenagers with stars in their eyes who have other options for their energy.

Very often, teachers need to be inspired.

Ask yourself:

  • What new ideas can I incorporate in my teaching?
  • Do my classes have enthusiasm and energy?
  • Are my dancers up to standard?
  • Are their parents satisfied with their progress?

  • The Teachers’ Seminar will provide the answers. Included is the marvelous Performance Awards program. Teachers, dancers, and parents love it.

    This note cannot describe the feeling of “being there,” the self- confidence that knowledge brings; and the inspiration that the Teachers’ Seminar infuses into all those who attend.

    -Mignon Furman, Founding Director



    “A series of steps is a series of steps. That is not ballet. It is the artist within the dancer who gives harmony, and mood to the picture drawn by the body.”

    —Anna Severskaya, My teacher in London

    Why You Should Attend the Teachers' Seminar

    *Learn New Dances

    *Refresh Your Teaching

    *Be Inspired

    *Meet Other Teachers

    *Ask Questions


    The Young Child

    Six programs for the most important people in most schools.


    Observe the Best

    Distinguished teachers teach the dancers. Note the combinations, the images and methods that inspire the dancers.


    Performance Awards

    Initiated by Mignon Furman, they will bring new energy into your school.


    Make Contact

    Do not teach in isolation, unaware of new ballet developments. Teachers need other teachers for the sharing of knowledge. Every profession is updated.


    Summer Break

    Give yourself a break! Get away from your daily routine. Learn and enjoy! A low rate at the Hilton Hotel has been arranged. For scholarships.


    The Hilton Westchester Hotel




    “Ballet is the art of the dissatisfied. Never be self-satisfied with your achievements.”

    —Margot Fonteyn (in conversation)

    About Mignon Furman

    With nothing more than her talents, courage, and determination to give definition to her vision for ballet education, Mignon Furman started the American Academy of Ballet: It soon became the premier Summer School in America.

    She also composed Performance Awards which is taught all over America, and is an international phenomenon, praised by teachers in America and in 10 other countries. Much of the success of the Performance Awards is due to her choreography: She was a superb choreographer. Her many compositions are free of cliché. They have logic, harmony, style, and ultimately, beauty.

    Mignon also composed seven instructional videos for the teaching of classical ballet. She was a remarkable teacher. Her prodigious knowledge, and classical style gave her dancers the recognizable “Furman” look. She was also qualified to teach ballroom and Victorian dance.

    Margot Fonteyn, with whom she was friendly, gave her invaluable advice, during several detailed discussions about the technical, and artistic aspects of the classical ballet. Mignon had the good fortune to benefit from the wisdom, and unique experience of a world-famous ballerina.

    Coupled with her ballet skills was a tireless energy in organizing. She was a planner and administrator par excellence.

    Before coming to New York, Mignon was the Director of the University of Cape Town Ballet School, with special responsibility for teacher-training. She formulated the program for the 80 trainee teachers, and 400 students at the Ballet School. She was nominated for the Distinguished Teacher Award from amongst the entire university’s academic staff of 1,500 professors, and lecturers. She also formulated the syllabus for ballet in the public schools, and was the head-examiner for many years.

    We all at the AAB have the honor of keeping

    Mignon’s flags proudly flying.

    © American Academy of Ballet