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What Are Performance Awards?
Definitely NOT a Competition!
Every child - especially a dancer - enjoys the thrill of praise; the pride in achievement.

A most distinctive response to every dancer's aspirations is the Performance Awards: immediate, tangible, and permanent.

The Performance Awards are a series of distinctive choreographic compositions over 12 levels, that your students perform before an audience of parents and friends.

A most important aspect of the Performance Awards is that they are NOT competitive - each student receives a medal, and a certificate.

Not only should studio "stars" perform the program, but any student of a reasonable standard can dance the program.

A judge from another city will attend the performance, evaluate the dancers and award the medals and certificates to each student.

The judges have been specially selected by Mignon Furman, the Director of the American Academy of Ballet, for their experience within the Performance Awards program; their knowledge of ballet; and their ability to relate to both teachers and students.

The Performance Awards are a stress-free, enjoyable experience for teachers, dancers, and parents alike.

What can be more exciting for young dancers than to dance a solo dance before parents, and friends? - especially when cameras, videos, and flowers at the end of the performance add to the excitement of this special achievement.

Each level is a study in superb choreographic compositions that are a joy to perform. The levels consist of port de bras, adage, allegro, and solo dances. There are two choices in each section which give added interest to classes, and make an astounding total of 103 choreographic compositions, from "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, " in Level I through the Blue Bird Variation from "Sleeping Beauty, " in Level 11, and culminating in the visually enchanting dances for Level 12, which any professional soloist will feel proud to dance.

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