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How to Participate in this Winning Program
That Will Bring Renewed Enthusiasm Into Your School
1. The program is on video, with voice-over instructions that are clear and easy to follow. They are backed by detailed teachers' notes, CDs, and sheet music. All these are available by calling or faxing the office.

Teachers study the program from the video. If there are any questions, call the office for answers. (The program is also taught at the Teachers' Seminar at our annual Summer School at Purchase College SUNY. )

Of the 12 levels, teach the levels that are appropriate to the different ages and capabilities of your students - the "stars" as well as the average students.

When you feel that your students are ready for performance, call the office to arrange a date for the Performance Awards. These may be held in your studio or in a dance space, but an audience is essential for their success. Admission my be charged, and many schools arrange for refreshments.

One of our judges will attend the performance; evaluate the students; and award the certificates and medals amidst the great excitement generated by the occasion.

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