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Programs & Awards

Pre-Junior - Levels 1 to 3

Suggested age 5-10
Port de bras, allegro combination, solo dance.

Junior - Levels 4 to 6

Suggested age 8-13
Port de bras, adage, allegro combination, solo dance.

Pre-Senior - Levels 7 to 9

Suggested age 11-15
Port de bras, pirouette combination, adage, allegro combination, solo dance.

Senior - Levels 10 to 11

Suggested age 14-17
Port de bras, pirouette combination, adage, petit allegro (including batterie), grande allegro, solo dance. Pointe work is an option in this section.

Graduate Level - Level 12

Suggested age 15 and over.
Port de bras combination, a solo dance, a variation from a classical ballet (choice of two), and 3 codas. This level is the finale of the Performance Awards, and is a test of the dancer's artistry and technique. Only students who have the requisite ability should dance this level.


Each dancer will receive a certificate and an attractive medal on a ribbon. These are awarded at the end of the performance. There are 6 possible awards at each level.

Gold with Distinction


Silver with Distinction


Bronze with Distinction


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