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The Significance of the Performance Awards

In every ballet school there are three important elements: students; their parents, and you - the teacher. The Performance Awards program has a lot to give to each.

It is taught by about 100 teachers all over the United States, as well as by teachers (at present) in Japan, South Africa, Holland, Greece, Belgium, the Philippines, the Bahamas, and Canada.

When you incorporate this wonderful program into your school, you will be amazed at the response of your students and their parents. Read, later, what is being said about the universal success of the Performance Awards.

Here is why they are such a great success for:

You, The Teacher

Ready-made choreographic compositions that set attainable goals for the progress of your students. You can teach the program in a comparatively short time, and at your own pace.

Easily phases into your regular classes - from 5-year-olds to college students.

Can be danced by the once-a-week student, as well as by more serious students.

You can teach the program according to any method: Vaganova, Balanchine - or your very own!

Study the program from videos or at the Teachers Seminar at our Summer School at Vassar College.

The 12 levels of increasing complexity are a continuous challenge to your students; and will maintain their enthusiasm year after year. Watch your students improve their technique, gain in self-confidence, and enhance their performance quality - virtually before your eyes. Can be taught as your summer program.

  Your Students

Perform a solo dance before an audience.

Do not have to be "stars" to enjoy their moment of glory. Every student has a chance to be in the spotlight.

The medal and certificate are a permanent recognition of personal endeavor and achievement for each student.

Enjoy the program immensely - both in the learning process and in the actual performance.

Improve at a truly amazing rate, stimulated by the dance quality inherent in the program, and the prospect of being awarded a Gold medal. Are challenged to achieve their personal best by the increasing demands made by the program.

Their Parents

Enjoy the pleasure of seeing their children, performing on their own (not part of the recital group)!

No stress or anxiety as in exams or competitions - the Performance Awards are not competitive.

The fee is modest.

No heavy outlay for costumes: the dancers perform in their leotards.

The entire learning process and the actual performance are a joyous experience for their children.


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