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What Teachers Say
"It gives my students an objective to work towards. Once they have achieved one level, they have an eagerness to move on to the next."

-Gina Chiavelli, Hopewell Junction, NY

"A real sense of performance dance. Encourages students of all abilities to take pride in their dancing. The medals and the smiles they produce are a reward for students, parents and teacher alike. Every year, the students look forward to the next level."

-Jamie Sitera, New Hartford, NY

"Our students prepared during the summer, which kept them in class during a slow time of the year. The Awards were a festive event for parents, students and teachers without the expense or stress of recital time. Our students were thrilled with the beautiful medals and certificates. They blossomed with pride at their accomplishments."

-Andrea Paris, Van Nuys, CA

"A most positive experience for all. The parents are absolutely thrilled to watch their children perform."

-Doris Jacoby, Island Heights, NJ

  "I love the Performance Awards. The music is delightful; the notes are clear; and the video is just great. Thank you for creating the program."

-Pamela McCray, Staunton, VA

"No ballet program has had a more profound impact on our students. What a marvelous innovative program. It has led to growth in technique and performance abilities of our dancers."

-Carol James and Linda Inboden, Warren, OH

"What a truly refreshing program! And how wonderful to have the American Academy of Ballet come to you. Our judge made our students feel that they had accomplished something positive. A challenge to more effective teaching, and a challenge to be a better dancer."

-Jane Madison, Macon, GA

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