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Mignon Furman's "Steps Programs"
Will Organize Your Teaching

From her many years of teaching of children, students, trainee teachers at university level, and teachers at Summer School, Mignon Furman devised a system of teaching that gives you a program: age by age, class by class.

No Need to Select Music — it has been arranged by Mignon’s music collaborator.

Don’t Think “What Shall I Teach Today?”
“Steps” is a gradated program that organizes your teaching.

First Steps
(ages 5 - 8)

Second Steps (ages 6 - 9)

Third Steps
(ages 7 - 10)

Junior Steps
(ages 8 - 12)

Between Tot and Teen
(ages 8 - 10)

Now I Am A Teen
(ages 11 - 13)

Pointe to Pointe
(Beginning & Intermediate)


Third Steps
An extract of the DVD contents. Notice the attention to detail in the training process.

Barre Exercises
1. Exercise for the feet and for Demi Pointe
2. Exercise for Demi Plies
3. Exercise for Battement Tendu
4. Exercise for Battement Tendu a la Seconde
5. Exersice for the placing of the foot at the back, a preparation for Petit Jetes
6. Exercise for Petit Jetes

Floor Work
7. Exercise for the Legs and Back
8. Exercise for Turn-Out

9. Walking on Demi Pointe
10. Exercise for Galops Sideways
11. Exercise for Petit Jetes
12. Step and Hop from Side to Side
13. Little Runs into the 4 Corners and Spring Points “Like a Bird”
14. Polka Step
15. End Story - “The Injured Bird”
16. Reverence


“Everything moves forward. Therefore I recommend: Keep in touch with your art”
—Agrippina Vaganova, “Basic Principles Of Classical Ballet” (1934)


DVDs, CDs and notes will be on sale at the Teachers’ Seminar.

Mignon Furman's Performance Awards

Are you searching for a new program that will enrgize your school, improve your dancers and please their parents?

Your search is over!

The Performance Awards were devised by Mignon Furman, the founder of the American Academy of Ballet. She was a superb choreographer.

Her charming choreography makes the program a delight to teach; a joy to dance; and a pleasure to watch.

Teachers, dancers and parents love it!

The program is in schools across America and in 10 other countries.

It is backed by CDs, DVDs, and notes. You will be amazed at the results. Technique and performance improve immensely; dancers are more enthusiastic; and parents are thrilled.

Starting at age 5, the program develops over 12 Levels of short compositions of increasing complexity that will inspire your dancers to perform their personal best.

Each level has Port de Bras, Adage, Allegro and a solo dance. The higher levels include pirouettes and batterie. Choices throughout the program result in a total of 115 choreographic compositions.

The dancers dance before an audience of parents and jurors. The awarding of medals and certificates to EACH dancer after the performance does wonders for their self-esteem and determination to achieve personal best.


Increase Enrollments!

Proven to Enhance Technique and Performance!

Loved by Parents, Dancers – and Teachers!

Include Every Feature of Classical Ballet!

Ready-Made Program of Combinations and Music!

Dancer- and Teacher-Friendly!

At the Certification Course:

You will have instruction in the complete 12 levels, the 115 choreographic compositions, and the 7 training programs.

You will teach the program to dancers of the relevant age.

You will be awarded a diploma or a certificate.


At the Teachers' Seminar:

You will have instruction in the program.

Observe the coaching classes for the dancers.

Attend a Performance Awards session.


For further information about this unique program, please call or email the office.


Certification Course August 1-6 to Teach
Mignon Furman’s Performance Awards
Achieve a Teaching Qualification!

Q: What is the Performance Awards Certification?
You will learn the choreography for the 12 Levels of the program, and Mignon Furman’s 7 introductory
“Steps” training programs. A diploma or a certificate will be awarded.

Q: I already have my own curriculum.
The beauty of the Performance Awards is that they form part of your regular classes. The choreography
of Mignon Furman is charming; her choice of music is delightful; - a composite teaching system that is loved by teachers, dancers, and their parents.

Q: Why should I attend this course?
A diploma on the wall instills confidence in parents. More than 100 teachers in America and in other countries have been teaching the Performance Awards for 10 years. You will have a ready-made and progressive program that will infuse new enthusiasm into your school.

For the fee, see the enrollment forms.

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