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Video and DVD auditions welcome!

Make a payment for digital auditions HERE.

Register Online Here or Download a printable Manual Form.

See below for more specific information about our auditions
as well as DVD auditions.

2017 International Auditions

Register Online Here.

Date Venue Address City, Country Time

4/1 Iluminarte Arts Academy San Antonio De Belen Heredia (COSTA RICA) 10:00am (Master Class, Ages 11-13)
11:45am (Audition, Ages 11-13)
2:00pm (Master Class, Ages 14+)
3:45pm (Audition, Ages 14+)

1.Attend an audition, or submit your DVD.
See “Audition Requirements” below.

2.You will be advised of the results of the audition within 2 days.

3. If accepted, you will be emailed an enrollment form.

  4. Return the application form, together with your check(s) or credit card details. It is suggested that you return this as soon as possible. Every year, the enrollments of many dancers cannot be accepted, as they were received after the enrollments were filled.

5. You will then be given a link online to travel information and details of check-in, a list of what to bring, and medical forms, etc.

Audition Requirements
If Attending an Audition:

• The audition takes the form of a class. No solo variation is required.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

• Neat ballet attire to be worn. If on pointe, bring pointe shoes.

Please bring a photo in 1st arabesque.

Please bring an audition fee of $30.00 in cash. (or make a payment on our website above.)

• All dancers will complete the full audition class. No dancer is asked to leave.

• Notice of acceptance will be advised within 3 days of the audition date.

Audition application forms may be downloaded from the website or may be filled in when registering at the audition.

  Digital Audition:

Must be received as soon as possible.
Notice of acceptance will be advised within 2 days.


Download the Audition Application Form.
Send this form with your DVD, and a check for the fee of $30. (or make a payment on our website above or HERE.)
Print your name on the DVD label.

B. YouTube or Email

Download the Audition Application Form.
Email your video, and application form as attachments.
Mail a check for the fee of $30 or supply credit card details. (or make a payment on our website above or HERE.)

What To Show on DVD and YouTube Videos

No barre work should be shown. Please show:

1a. 1st arabesque a terre and en l’air.
1b. A la seconde position tendu a terre and en l’air.
2. An adage combination to include a balance, arabesque line, and a developpe.
3. A pirouette combination.
4. A Petite allegro combination.
5. A Grand allegro showing moving steps.

For girls:

6. A still position showing the feet en pointe a la seconde.
7. A pointe combination.

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