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Summer School of Excellence 2024

Purchase Collage, New York


June 30 - August 3


1 week
June 30 - July 5 / July 7 - July 13 /
July 14 - July 20


2 weeks
June 30 - July 13 / July 7 - July 20 /
July 21 - August 3


3 weeks
June 30 - July 20 / July 14 - August 3


4 weeks
July 7 - August 3


5 weeks
June 30 - August 3


Dancers can enroll
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 week sessions.

We are accepting digital video auditions as well!

Digital Video Audition Requirements

Junior Program 2024

July 22 - August 2

Weekly Sessions

Ages 8 to 12 years old (No Audition)

AAB has a very distinguished faculty of teachers from the leading ballet schools and ballet companies in the world!


Teachers' Seminar &
The Mignon Furman
Performance Awards Certification Levels 1-12

July 22 - August 1

at SUNY Purchase College, New York

Enroll Now Here!!!

Dear teachers,

The “Performance Awards” certification course for teachers is now available !

Performance awards is a program already famous in several countries and applied in several schools around the world.

It is an excellent program that technically and artistically improves its students, and certifies them annually, becoming part of the school calendar.

For teachers and school principals, it is a course that enables them to run the program with their students and affiliate them with the American Academy of Ballet, conceptualizing it and giving it prominence in the dance market.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!!!


Level 12
A Silent Tear

Mignon Furman Gala

Mignon Furman Gala - Curtain Call

School Performance

November 16, 2018

Swan Lake
at AAB Summer School 2017

Folk Dance

Don Q
at AAB Summer School 2017

Le Corsaire
at AAB Summer School 2017

at AAB Summer School 2017


Swan Lake
Mignon Furman Ballet
Pas De Deux Evening 2017

Mignon Furman Ballet
Pas De Deux Evening




Swan Lake, Grand Waltz
from Act 1



Swan Lake, Pas de Deux by American Academy of Ballet Summer School

Elevation by American Academy of Ballet Summer School

Raymonda by American Academy of Ballet Summer School



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