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Director's Message

Dancers come to the AAB Summer School from across America, and from some 15 other countries. The AAB is the premier Summer School in America. Here is why:
Great Faculty

Our distinguished faculty is at the top of the teaching profession. Several teachers have coached world-famous dancers.

Great Programs

Ballet is the focus. Also, Musical Theater, Contemporary, Neo-classical, Spanish, Folk, and Performance Awards.
Classes are 6 days a week.

Great Supervision

Security is by Purchase College. We have House Mothers, Registered Nurses, and counselors.

Great Experience

Many dancers return each year. Some have attended for 8 years.

  Great Performances

Dance = Performance.
There are 10 performance opportunities during the 6-week period.

Only at AAB

Special features of our
Summer School are:

1. Performance Awards
In schools across America, and in 10 other countries.

2. Ballet Intensive
An excellent way to refine technique.

3. Coaching Classes
Small groups for personalized coaching.

4. Guest Performances
Special ballet performances for Summer School by guest dancers.

About Mignon Furman

With only her talents, courage, and determination to give definition to her vision for ballet education, Mignon Furman started the American Academy of Ballet.

It soon became the premier Summer School in America.

Margot Fonteyn, with whom she was friendly, gave her invaluable advice, during several detailed discussions about the technical, and artistic aspects of the classical ballet. Mignon had the good fortune to benefit from the wisdom, and unique experience of a world-famous ballerina.

Mignon also composed Performance Awards, which are taught all over America, and are an international phenomenon, praised by teachers in 10 countries. The success of the Performance Awards is due to her choreography: She was a superb choreographer. Her many compositions have logic, harmony, content, and ultimately, beauty. Mignon also composed seven instructional videos for the teaching of classical ballet.

Before coming to New York, Mignon was the Director of the University of Cape Town Ballet School, with special responsibility for teacher-training. She formulated the program for the 80 trainee teachers, and 400 students at the Ballet School. She was nominated for the Distinguished Teacher Award from amongst the entire university’s academic staff of professors, and lecturers.

We all at the AAB have the honor of keeping

Mignon’s flags proudly flying.

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