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The Immense Value of the Performance Awards:
A Quick Look
  • Stimulated by the desire to improve their performance, students make exceptional progress.

  • A challenge for the students to excel.

  • Every student is acknowledged - from the exceptional to the average students who seek recognition none-the-less for their endeavors.

  • The solo dances enhance technique and performance quality.

  • Parents have the opportunity to see their children dance on their own, in an environment that is not competitive.

  • Maintain interest and enthusiasm over a period of years as the students progress from level to level.

  • A ready-made program of choreography that sets attainable goals for achievement.

  • The name "Performance Awards" and the programs are the property of the American Academy of Ballet with whom the copyrights are vested. Reproduction in any form without the written consent of the American Academy of Ballet is an infringement of its rights.

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