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About The Curriculum

To All Dancers:

Improve your technique and performance beyond recognition. You will not believe the progress that you will make. You will return home a confident and inspired dancer, dancing with renewed energy and purpose; and with enhanced artistry.



• Classical Ballet
• Pas de Deux*
• Pointe
• Repertoire
• Neo-Classical*
• Contemporary*
• Musical Theater*
• Spanish Dance*
• Performance Awards*
• Folk Dance*
• Talent and Fun Evenings
The 1-week sessions are ballet only.

*No experience necessary.



Only at AAB...

1. Performance Awards*

Are the unique concept of Mignon Furman - exclusive to the AAB.

The program is taught throughout the U.S., and in 10 other countries.

In addition to their regular classes, dancers receive extra coaching. The program is an optional extra. It does wonders for technique and performance.

Dancers are eligible to be awarded scholarships for Summer School 2021.

2. Ballet Intensive

A special program devised by Mignon Furman to improve the classical ballet technique. The results are remarkable. (Available only for 1-week enrollments.)

3. Coaching Classes*

Classes are divided into small groups for coaching by faculty teachers.

4. Guest Performances on Campus

Especially for AAB dancers by dancers from American Ballet Theater, and the NY City Ballet – evenings of wonderful ballet.

*Not applicable to 1-week enrollments.


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